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Shopping is made in Italy in Syracuse
THE FIRST MALL DEDICATED TO ITALIAN PRODUCTS IN THE USA - It will be open in 2009 in the State of New York and will offer products and restaurants, and also exhibitions, concerts, cookery workshops, tasting sessions and special events

The first mall dedicated to Made in Italy will be built in the heart of the State of New York. This is the ambitious project by IBS Italia, a company of Studio Gambino which is in charge of the creation of the first space completely dedicated to the traditional sectors of our production in the new Carousel Center in Syracuse. The aim of the Made in Italy Project is to turn the Carousel Center – the biggest Life Style Shopping Center in the State of New York – into the Mecca of quality Italian products for American consumers, but also to give the opportunity to small and medium enterprises to sell their products directly in the huge and rich American market.

NOT ONLY PRODUCTS AND RESTAURANTS. The initiative was presented in Parma at Cibus during the conference by Buonitalia Spa "Italian Sounding. USA opportunitŕ da cogliere." It is having a huge success among Italian enterprises and will be supported by the mayor of Syracuse and the vice president of the province of Parma Pierluigi Ferrari. The new Made in Italy zone, which will be opened at the end of April 2009, extends over about 37,000 square meters and includes 2,500 square meters of Food Court (restaurants, coffee bars, wine bars) and more than 150 shops dedicated to Italian brands and products. And that's not all. Specific areas for fashion, food and wine, furniture and design will be created, as well as spaces dedicated to entertainment, communication and temporary exhibitions of new Italian enterprises and artists. Moreover, educational projects, cookery workshops and wine tasting sessions, concert and special events dedicated to quality Italian products will be organized.

THIS WAY WE FIGHT THE ITALIAN SOUNDING. This initiative is a good solution to fight the phenomenon of the misleading Italian sounding, which is more and more common in those markets, such as North America, which are keen not only on our products, but also on our lifestyle and on Made in Italy in general. As stated during Cibus by Manfredi Minutelli, Fodd Project Development Manager of Buonitalia Spa, "the United States are a potential market of about 10 billion euros for the Italian agricultural and food industry, but they are also a country where our products suffer from unfair competition by the misleading Italian sounding products." The development of this phenomenon is often due to the lack of information by the consumers, since there are "millions of Americans who would like to eat and drink Italian brands, and unfortunately they think They are doing so by unwittingly purchasing non original products which do not have anything to do with Italy." For this reason, there is a need for promotional campaigns like this one, which will involve Italian restaurants, media and distributors ministered by the main target (the so called foodies, reporting the survey by Buonitalia Spa) to let the American consumers develop "the real taste of Italy."

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